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How long does it take to get a Sponsor Licence

How long does it take to get a Sponsor Licence? (September 2022 update)

In September 2022, the average processing time for a Sponsor Licence application is still over 11 weeks, with many applications taking much longer than this. This has been caused by a significant increase in the number of applications – over 20,000 in the last 12 months! Employers can speed up the process by using the optional Home Office Priority service and ensuring they get their application right first time

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Rule changes

Care Worker roles to be added to the Shortage Occupation List and eligible for Skilled Worker visas from 15 February 2022

From 15 February 2022, for a period of 12 months, UK care providers will now be able to sponsor work visas for all care worker roles. It has previously only been possible to sponsor senior care workers, so this is a significant and positive change for many UK care homes and domiciliary care agencies struggling to recruit from the domestic workforce.

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Rule changes

Youth Mobility Scheme to open to citizens of India and Iceland from January 2022

From 2022, citizens of India and Iceland will be eligible for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa for the UK. This working holidaymaker visa allows 18-30 year olds to live and work in the UK for two years. There will be a strict limit on numbers – only 1,000 visas per year for Icelandic citizens and 3,000 visas per year for Indian citizens who also need to meet an additional qualification or experience requirement.

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Shortage Occupation List, Lab Technicians
Rule changes

Changes to the Shortage Occupation List

A number of health, science and teaching roles have been added to the Shortage Occupation List and Chefs have been removed. Particularly good news for employers of lab technicians and senior care workers

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