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Immigration support for individuals

Applying for a visa can be a stressful experience. There’s the need to grapple with complex and opaque rules and processes you might never have experienced before, with the added risk of losing hundreds or thousands if the application goes wrong. Trying to manage all of this at the same time as organising a move to the UK or starting a new job – it’s no wonder many people describe making a UK visa application as a life-changing experience, and not always in a good way!

In the same way that you can complete your own tax return or sell your house without professional support if you’re so inclined, most people with an inquisitive mindset and a bit of spare time can submit a UK visa application themselves without assistance. But there are good reasons why many visa applicants do decide to seek professional legal support. We know the UK’s immigration system inside out and will manage the process of applying for your visa every step of the way, taking full accountability for the quality of our service and ensuring you have the best chance of a successful application. We offer the assurance that your application is in good hands and the reassurance that you can pick up the phone to us with any concerns and we can work out the best way to proceed or in most cases, dispel your worries completely!

We’ve outlined the key components of our service for individuals below. You can find details of our professional fees here. If you would like further information, please get in touch. We never charge for an initial conversation about your situation.

Advice on your eligibility and any complicating factors

As a first step (and often as part of our free initial assessment), we'll consider all relevant factors and determine whether you qualify for the immigration route(s) you're considering. Where there are viable alternatives or complicating factors, we'll explain these to you clearly and concisely, along with any cost implications, allowing you to make an informed decision how to proceed

Advice on the documents you'll need to submit

Most visa applications require you to submit a set of documents which must meet detailed requirements, both in content and in form. In addition to giving you a clear up-front list of documents you'll need to prepare, we'll review your documents in full, quickly letting you know if there are any issues and how they can be fixed. If you simply can't get the precise documents needed, we'll use our years of experience to advise on the implications and chances of success with other documents

Completing application forms

We'll make sure your application forms are filled out correctly, cross-referencing data with your supporting documents. We know exactly how the Home Office expect applicants to answer each question, so you can avoid filling out the forms yourself and pausing every few minutes to try and guess what a question is really asking

Drafting a bespoke cover letter

We prepare a detailed cover letter to submit with your application, setting out that we represent you, how you qualify for the immigration route, and the documents you're submitting with the application. We also reference any applicable rules or guidance and explain any complicating factors so the Home Office caseworker has all relevant information at the point the make a decision on your application

Advice on attending an appointment and submitting your documents

The exact process for submitting biometrics and documentation differs from country to country and it's crucial to follow the relevant process precisely to avoid any delays in the application being decided. We'll let you know what prioritisation options are available in your location and give you detailed written guidance on exactly what you need to do to complete the process, and exactly when you need to do it

Responding to any queries from the immigration authorities

We ask the Home Office to contact us in the first instance if they need any additional information or documentation. If we can answer these queries, we'll do so straight away on your behalf, keeping you informed of progress. If we need any further information or documents from you we'll get in touch straight away and agree how to proceed

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