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As an employer, you want the best person for the job. Sometimes the best person for the job might just be from outside of the UK and might need a visa. Maybe you’re already employing someone and just want to keep them when their visa expires, or perhaps you’re looking to bring a key hire in from outside the UK. Whatever the specifics, if this person’s skills, experience and qualifications are valuable to you, we’ll work out the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective options to get (or keep) permission for them to work in the UK.

Due to the restrictive nature of the UK’s immigration system, the Skilled Worker route is often the only viable visa (read more about this here). This route does require a certain amount of active involvement by the employer. Employers who need to sponsor skilled workers often describe the rules and requirements as complex, and can’t find (or justify) the time to truly get to grips with what’s needed. That’s where we can help – we are experts after all!

Our services are designed to take the stress out of supporting your people with their immigration needs. Read more about how we work with you.

We’ve outlined our most popular services for employers below. If you would like further information, please get in touch. We never charge for an initial conversation about your situation.

Apply for a Sponsor Licence

We manage the whole process of applying for a Sponsor Licence, getting it done as quickly as possible with the best chance of approval, and without the fuss of needing to read through hundreds of pages of guidance yourself

We’re so confident in our expertise that if you decide to work with us, we’ll guarantee that your application for a Sponsor Licence will be approved. If we get it wrong, we’ll refund our entire fee

Sponsor Skilled Workers and Intra-Company Transferees

We advise on the viability of sponsoring non-UK citizens using the Skilled Worker and ICT immigration routes, assign Certificates of Sponsorship on your behalf and walk you through any ongoing compliance responsibilities

Support your staff with their visa application

We help your employees navigate the visa application process - whether it's a sponsored work visa or an independent immigration route. We tailor our advice to your requirements - from cost-effective self-help guidance through to VIP support

Sponsor Licence Management​

We act as Representative, Key Contact and Level 1 User for your Sponsor Licence, enabling us to communicate with the Home Office on your behalf, request CoS allocations and submit relevant notifications about your organisation and the workers you sponsor

Sponsor Compliance & Audit Support

Our bespoke advice on how to remain compliant with your Sponsor Duties is included free of charge when you use one of our sponsorship services. But if you are looking to improve your processes to avoid future instances of non-compliance or have an upcoming Home Office audit, we can determine your current level of compliance and recommend targeted action


We deliver in-person and remote training sessions for your HR & Mobility staff and business end-users on a wide range of topics, including how the UK's immigration system works, how to sponsor a migrant worker and how to perform compliant Right to Work checks

Right to Work Support

We design and implement efficient processes that support your staff in performing compliant Right to Work checks whilst avoiding discriminatory practices. We also support employers in the ad-hoc management of complex right to work scenarios and illegal working issues

Immigration Strategy

Post-Brexit and with the end of freedom of movement from the EU, many employers will find themselves using the UK's immigration system more and more. We help employers of all sizes understand how they can utilise the UK's immigration system to meet their wider business objectives, control costs, and get the best outcomes for their staff

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